Feeling tired?
I wrote this poem when I was going
through a difficult time in life.
My soul was tired.
My heart ached.
I couldn't find any glimmer of hope.
I was wilting inside.
If you feel the same right now, please read on.

Darling, I know, you've been through a lot. You are hurt, exhausted and fed up. You have nothing to hold on to.The future looks bleak.


I know you’re stuck in a difficult place. 

You feel lonely.

Your family doesn’t understand.

Your friends are absent.

Your ambition, your fortune, your destiny- all seem to be conspiring against you.


Now, pat yourself on the back, for being as strong as you were, for facing all of this alone,

I am so PROUD of you.

Girl in blanket

Stitch a blanket of kindness and acceptance.


Now, carefully, wrap it around yourself.

You are remarkable, 

strong and powerful. 


Take your time to heal.
Healing is a journey.
Give yourself some time because you deserve it.
Get up when you feel like,
not when others tell you.
You are stronger than you know.


When you are ready to move on,

close the journal of your past,

for you need to start writing in the diary of your present.


Dear sadness and loneliness,I am not scared of you anymore.

Yours truly,